The Black man who stood against a mob in defiance.

Last week, I wrote an article on how the recent US Capitol events are conjuring up fears in Trump and his administration. 

While it was a dark experience for everyone, it has also revealed that some extraordinary individuals in the world; will bravely face the void of fear and say no.

One such man is Eugene Goodman, a USCP Officer defending the US Capitol against an angry mob filled white supremacists that were there to overthrow an election. And logic tells you that as a Black man, that is a death sentence one way or another.

Yet, that is what Officer Goodman did. He focused on his duty and faced his fear ahead on, without fighting or running. Instead, he used his intellect to make himself a big enough target by provoking and angering the narrow-minded crowd into blindly following him.

Even though the situation could turn ugly with a single mistake, he still strategically drew in the crowd to the opposite side, safely ensuring that the US senators were safe on the other side. Now that’s some astute planning on the spot.

It’s honestly incredible to see an officer who didn’t resort to using his weapon, as a means to avoid escalation. To not show any signs of panic, as a means to avoid being overwhelmed. And lastly, to not succumb to the stress of the situation, to enable a calmer train of thought.

We need more people like him in the world, safeguarding us.

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