I am Deadpool, and I am Inevitable.

I mean it’s a no brainer that after the amount of success that the Deadpool franchise has garnered, it’s something Disney would use as a means to expand the MCU further after their takeover of 20th Century Fox. 

However, the real question has always been if the character will remain loyal to its roots amidst the family-friendly Mickey Clubhouse. Thankfully, the Marvel Gods have smiled upon us and have sent Kevin Feige in their stead to inform us that Deadpool will retain his role as the God of Profanity. 

According to Collider, Feige officially confirmed that Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is making his way to the MCU whilst keeping his R rating. He also confirmed that Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin and Wendy Molyneux are currently working on the script with Reynolds’s oversight and that filming will only begin next year at the earliest.

While this confirmation finally answers one question, it inevitably opens up another one: How will they bring Deadpool into the MCU?

Honestly, it would be as simple as throwing the character straight into the MCU at any point; given how Deadpool 2 ended. The last time we see Deadpool in the movie, he was busy travelling through time and space, erasing past events from his universe and other universes. 

Thus, it’s technically not as far fetched as to seeing him accidentally popping up down the line. However, I hope that the hype is built up slowly by showcasing him in other movies before reintroducing him in Deadpool 3.

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