Bus Captains going above and beyond.

No matter who you are, taking public transportation is something you would have done at some point in life. While on such journeys, we usually forget a simple truth that our lives are in the hands of the people in charge of these rides like Bus Captains.

Apart from that, we also tend to forget that these people are humans too. And sometimes it’s their actions that reminds of that fact.

Many of us may have heard stories of Bus Captains going out of their way to help people, and some of us might even have seen it firsthand. While some may argue that it’s part of their jobs, these people are still choosing to help beyond what is needed. 

The unfortunate revelation is that they are usually unappreciated for their actions as it has somewhat become a norm for the rest of us. So the next time, you see a Bus Captain or anyone doing more than they should, thank them in person; it will make their day. 

 And if you’re not comfortable with saying thank you in person, then take the time to drop a compliment through official channels like SMRT Contact. While it may be a small gesture, it could still mean a lot more to them.

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