Grab Riders are the heroes of our time.

Ever since the pandemic hit, there have been new heroes in the form of Grab Riders in the town.

The stories of kind acts by these unsung heroes continue to amaze and inspire us daily. And yet, we only know of the accounts that have been recorded and not of those that have disappeared.

We now have another tale for the records by a Stomper called John, who has taken to the internet to thank one such Grab Rider.

On January 6, John misplaced his wallet at a car park in Jalan Bahagia, when he took it out to pay for parking. He only realised that his wallet was missing after reaching the car park near his place at Jurong East.

The wallet itself was very crucial to John, as it contained all of his necessary cards. He began searching his belongings to ensure he didn’t place it anywhere else, but nothing was found.

During the confusion, John received a call from his helper; revealing that someone had found and personally delivered his wallet. According to images retrieved by the security camera at his doorstep, the person was a Grab Rider.

The rider had seemingly returned the wallet with everything intact and left without expecting anything in return for it. John has been baffled by his kindness and integrity and hopes to get a chance to thank him in person.

Now that’s a great way to start the New Year; inspirationally.

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