All creatures feel fear; especially the scary ones.

The title of the article is a famous quote from the movie Batman Begins, and I’ve always had a strong attachment to it. It’s a great way to summarise the reality of fear; it exists in all things, and most of the time in the people who seem to be above it.

Yesterday, democracy was shooked to its core by the US Capitol riots.  And it was influenced by none other than the President himself, Donald Trump, who falsely claimed that the election was stolen from the people.

In the aftermath of this event, the rest of the country is demanding that Trump is held accountable. Some are calling for his arrest and impeachment while others are invoking the 25th amendment to remove him from office immediately.

All in all, it’s a real shit show for his administration, and it’s evident that they are struggling to find the words to distance themselves from it. Even the White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany finds it difficult and fears to stay long enough to take questions after condoning the riots at the capitol.

Trump has finally emerged from his office and addressed the US nation with a whole new perspective. The result of this profound outlook comes from the simplest of emotions, fear. Fear; that he might not be as safe as he is now when he is out of office.

And that fear has now forced him to condemn and reject the very supporters that he riled up into a dangerous mob. I bet that’s going to sting at the cores of his followers.

He even goes on to finally concede the election and ensure that he wants a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power. And with just two more weeks before he has to move out, one can only hope that his fear holds him firmly till then.

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