Trump proves that Democracy has always been fragile.

Donald Trump has made history. You have to give him credit where credit is due; he has singlehandedly destroyed the USA aura of supremacy. He knows what he’s doing, and he knows it very well. He has singlehandedly divided a country and destroyed its democracy better than any terrorist group out there.

The final proof of his absolute power is the US Capitol riot on December 6, that was the product of his one tweet. In a tweet on December 20, Trump urged his supporters to protest and be wild in DC to abolish a Congress session that would have deemed President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

Then hours before today’s riot, he held another get together with his fellow MAGA cronies. This time, the lame duck president held a ‘gathering’ of his supporters (some from states like California, the South and Idaho) and proceeded rile up the crowds.

Mesmerised by Trump’s call, countless of his supporters turned up and shook the world with a frightful display of chaos and mayhem that resulted in property damages, arrests and deaths. All so that one man can continue his rule and hold on to his power.

I’m no one to tell you who is right or who is wrong in this situation.

Instead, I’m asking you to take a step back and look at the people who protested. These are your everyday people who did what they did because they believed in something and retaliated because they felt threatened. And in doing so, four people have lost their lives in the riot.

It is interesting that Trump supporters believe their leader in his baseless claims that the elections were a farce. How could Fake News be so soundly accepted by masses of people?

Here’s the weird thing…researchers have found that we tend to agree with Fake News (and not even regard it as such) when it aligns with with what we believe. Even with a 100% confirmed disclaimer that the news is faked, people who agree with it have a hard time coming to terms that it isn’t true.

What does this mean for Trumpers?

The hard truth is that they are delusional.

They’ve convinced themselves that Trump can never lose and all the bad stuff that’s been happening against him is a conspiracy perpetuated by his opponents and the ‘Deep State’. The voting system is rigged (despite tons of evidence to the contrary), Trump didn’t lose at all (despite overwhelming proof) and that everything their leader says is 100% true.

They’re fueled by this by none other than Trump himself, who continuously spouts lies that feed his base. They don’t believe what Trump is saying isn’t true simply because they don’t want to.

So who do we blame this on?

Donald Trump, who fanned the flames of aggression? Or his supporters who rioted for their beliefs? Or was it the government entity that has been doing nothing to quell the dictator they have been raising in the White House?

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer; only the people affected in the form of numbers. Four dead bodies for their families to mourn over, fourteen police officers injured for doing their jobs and fifty-two people arrested and marked for life.

As for the rest of the world and its leaders, this incident is the last straw for Donald Trump. In the past, to maintain peace, most leaders chose not to direct blame to US President Trump, but not all are willing to hold back.

While others are using this as a lesson to point out that Karma is a bitch.

No matter where you stand on this unprecedented event, Trump has already sowed a profound shift within the country and its people. And that truth isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

So what’s next from the madman in control of the US’s nuclear arsenal?

In 13 days, his term will end and his reign of terror will be over.

Ironically enough, it’s these last few days that are the most dangerous, just as today’s proven. For an insane wanna-be dictator like Trump, knowing that his days of power are numbered, that has to be a frightening prospect.

As soon as the powers of the office are stripped from him, various lawsuits are going to be coming for him. Millions in loan repayments are due this year. There’s even talk about him being arrested for capital crimes, like the recent call to the Georgian Secretary of State.

Of course, Trump himself seems to have floated the idea of a second presidential run in 2024…though after today’s disaster, political pundits are betting that’s going to happen.

As for what does…we’ll just have to wait a week or two to see.

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