Meet the boy who became Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds is a unique personality and talented actor, this has been further proven by his role as Deadpool. Some even say that he was born to play that role and honestly I can’t see anyone else in it but Reynolds either.

But have you ever wonder how Reynolds would have been like in his younger days as a kid? Well, that’s what we are going to see in Netflix’s new sci-fi movie called The Adam Project when he time travels to get help from his 13-year-old self in the past. 

Instead of using the usual creepy de-ageing CGI technique, Netflix hired Walker Scobell to fill in as kid Reynolds. To prepare for the iconic role, the little actor has gone above and beyond by doing meaningful research. And when I said meaningful, I meant that he has practically memorised Deadpool two’s entire introductory monologue by heart.

Now’s that’s some next-level dedication to his craft. I doubt I could even remember what I ate for breakfast on the day, at his age.

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