Mark Hamill approves of your emotional response.

After the recent debacle with Pablo Hidalgo participating in a Twitter troll thread saying that ‘emotions are not for sharing’, the Star Wars fandom has gone full out war. While these may seem like the usual run of the mill situation for most of us, it has prompted several notable Hollywood Stars to stand up and acknowledged the fans’ reaction as genuine.

One such person was none other than Mark Hamill himself or better known as Luke Skywalker to the Star Wars fandom. It was his character reveal during the finale of The Mandalorian that elicited such strong emotional responses. And in response to it, Mark Hamill has gone on Twitter to express his overwhelming joy in seeing fans appreciate the character that he loved as well.

Honestly, we all know even Mark Hamill himself didn’t like how Luke turned out in sequel trilogy. Thus, he must have been glad to have gotten the chance to redeem the character in such a fantastic way.

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