Ray Fisher will not work on any production associated with DC Films President Walter Hamada.

Ray Fisher has been on the warpath ever since he began voicing out about the hostile work environment that the cast and crew of Justice League had to endure under Joss Wheadon. He even accused Geoff Johns and Jon Berg of enabling.

The issue was supposedly settled after WB launched an official investigation into the matter and closed it without sharing any details. However, it seems Ray Fisher is still happy about it and has now targetted DC Films President Walter Hamada as the most dangerous kind of enabler.

While I’m for standing up against injustices and abuse of power, Ray Fisher’s ranting approach might end up ruining himself. He has accused another prominent figure and yet has not exactly explained the situation. He is effectively painting himself as more of a complainer, rather than a victim. And this behaviour could destroy his career and chances of getting cast in other movies.

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