The foolish yet dedicated con man.

Everyone has to work hard for their jobs, even if you’re a thief or a con man.
On December 16, in the Kalimantan province of Indonesia, an unfortunate man was embroiled in a scam that made him lose roughly S$85.

The man, who had planned to sell off a used phone, was initially contacted by a buyer that wanted to hold the transaction around midnight. Without suspecting much, the seller accepted the terms and agreed to meet up.

The buyer arrived on a motorbike and hurriedly left after completing the transaction without giving the seller enough time to verify the payment. And upon verification, the seller discovered that the supposed money was in fact hand has drawn bills of paper.

The interesting yet dumb part of this scenario is that the con man took the time and effort to draw and cut out these bills, instead of just handing over plain papers. The dedication of this con man could possibly be his downfall, as it’s going to be easy to track his prints on the fake bills if he wasn’t smart enough.

The seller has since filed a complaint with the authorities on the matter. I’m curious to know what happens next.

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