Santa’s Final Gift.

It is often custom to have someone dressed up as Santa Claus come to visit homes during Christmas. However, it would be wise to avoid such traditions during the pandemic as it is the easiest way to get infected.

Unfortunately, earlier this month in Mol, Belgium, the tradition was carried out, and as a result, many got infected by the man dressed as Santa Claus. The incident took place in Hemelrijck Care Home, and as of now, 18 residents have passed on.

A total of 121 residents and 26 staff were concluded to be infected after the man dressed as Santa Claus tested positive for Covid-19 three days after visiting.

From the images, it is clear that the safety measures were not taken seriously. And it might have been the cause for the quick spread of the virus.

Mayor of Mol Wim Caeyers has declared that all hands will be on the deck to bring things under control.

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