Animal Abuse in Singapore NEEDS Harsher Punishment!

As an animal lover, it makes me furious whenever I hear cases of animal abuse in Singapore, or hell, anywhere in the world. It truly boggles my mind how somebody can horrible things to innocent animals who aren’t able to defend themselves, especially small ones like cats and dogs.

When I heard about the dogs being killed in Woodlands, I was horrified! This, coming right on the heels of the news that teens were using live frogs for a game of foosball!

I grew up around cats and I honestly couldn’t harm one hair on them, much less abuse them. I however, know I won’t have that compunction from exacting retribution on animal abusers.

…if they’re even caught that is.

The problem with these cowards is that they’re too timid to show their faces in public in the act of abusing a hapless animal. They have the lack of empathy to hurt innocent creatures, but lack the cajones to admit it. So they slink and scurry, like the scum that they are and prey on creatures at isolated or secluded areas.

I have no idea how people who catch these murderers and abusers can stop themselves from doling out street justice right there on the spot. I know I would and I can honestly say, all of the animals lovers I know would too.

Consequences be damned; you hurt an animal, you pay for it in blood and tears.

I know that all animal lovers feel the same way and it’s galling to see abusers get tap on the wrist for all they’ve done.

Right now, if you’re charged with animal abuse in Singapore, offenders found guilty of animal cruelty are fined up to $15,000 and/or jailed up to 18 months for first offences, and fined up to $30,000 and/or jailed up to 3 years for subsequent offences.

$15K and 1.5 years max jail time for first time offenders. 30K and 3 years max jail time for repeats.

How is that even close to justice? Imagine if it’s your beloved pet that’s the victim here? Would a paltry fine and some jail time be enough?

We need heavier penalties and a healthy dose of caning for animal abusers. Jail time and fines don’t bring the pain…that’s why caning is required. Perhaps 1 for each month of jail time received? It’s nowhere near total justice, but it’s still much better than what we have now.

What to do if you see animal abuse?

The SPCA has it guidelines on what you should do if you see animal abuse being done. You can also reach out to them through their website.

We’re at the stage where EVERYBODY can play a part in stamping out cases like this. We all have mobile phones that can not only record evidence but livestream it. If you see animal abusers, make sure of technology to gather the evidence.

Let these scum know there’s nowhere to hide.

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