Screaming gets you anything you want even when you’re an adult!

Have you been paying attention to the happening and going in Singapore lately? Well, it’s nothing much other than the significant increase in fights, arguments and craziness almost everywhere by ordinary people. Dare I say; the pandemic has fundamentally snapped something in all of us.

Here’s an interesting one. An adult woman shouts at HDB Hub staff for getting denied entry to the second floor to submit a tender because she had no appointment. You can watch the situation unfold, here.

Even when the staffers try to calm her down, she goes on to make a point that she’s not stupid and would have made an appointment, if she was informed to do so.

The situation seems pretty simple and straightforward. She didn’t get any head-ups from HDB, but then again, a little common sense goes a long way. We are in a pandemic after all, so some research would have given you the answer. 

However, screaming at the people who are there to do their jobs is just uncalled for, and a little patience would have resolved this easily.

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