You can now buy pre-loved pillows from influencers.

Yep, we have reached that stage where anything can be bought in the open market. I wonder if it’s truly a sign of us progressing or is the other way around?

The Sleeping Beauties┬áis a brand new online store that sells pillows used by influencers. The prices range from about $20 to 200 dollars for different influencers and to be honest, it’s kinda weird that this is a business now; seeing as how this new ‘idea’ might probably the perfect way for Covid-19 to spread.

I’m no doctor, but Covid-19 can spread through saliva…and we all know that pillows are basically one big chunk of drool and cotton. Not saying those influencers have Covid-19 (nor am I wishing them to) but you can never be too careful in 2020!

But hey, each to their own so if you feel like you need to hug a pillow that’s been used by someone famous then be my guest. Just don’t forget…there’s a Covid-19 vaccine, but there’s no Covid-19 cure!

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