Singaporean Teen tried to take her own life when the bullying didn’t stop.

Bullying is a messed up mechanism to make yourself feel better and powerful than someone else when you know deep down the problem lies with you. And those who don’t take bullying seriously are worse than bullies.

Jessie Tan (not her real name), is a 14-year-old dyslexic student and the victim of cruel bullying in school. Just a few months into her secondary school life earlier this year, she was subjected to the will of uneducated fools in her school because of her learning disability. The bullying started with name-calling and soon escalated to physical and verbal abuse.

It was only when the schools closed down because of Covid-19, did Jessie feel better. However, fear embraced her as soon as the news of school reopening reached her ears.

It was then Jessie decided to take her life by overdosing on panadol pills. Fortunately, she survived the attempt and was warded in the hospital for 12 days.

Parents of Jessie Tan have made numerous complaints about the bullying, but the school brushed it off by taking matters lightly.

As of now, Jessie has transferred to another school and is coping well enough there. And if you are someone like Jessie who is getting bullied, voice it out.

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