A 64-year-old man sentenced for creating and firing Airguns.

Guns are serious business, and unlike in the US, it’s not possible to get your hands on one effortlessly.

However, there is always the possibility of creating one yourself, but there are consequences. And Lee Keng Hee, a 64-year-old man found out about it the hard way when he manufactured his very own Airgun that was capable of firing 6mm and 8mm ball bearings.

Inspired by Nerf Guns, the sheet-metal worker built three Airguns out of scrap metal by using Youtube DIY tutorials. And to test out his creation, Lee started firing it off at trees which then escalated to firing at HDB Block 453 in Jurong West.

As a result, a total of nine neighbouring windows were broken. Eventually, the Police caught up with Lee after receiving a complaint from one of the residents.

On December 16, Lee Keng Hee was sentenced to 18 weeks’ of jail and $2,000 fine.

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