Yishun hawker wrongly accused of violating food safety.

On December 5, the internet blew up when a person known as Tan posted on Stomp a picture of his meal that had a cockroach in it. He detailed his experience by calling it traumatic and unsettling.

The meal was ordered through Foodpanda from Taste Beyond Taste Ban Mian & Fish Soup, which located in Yishun. However, everything wasn’t as it seemed.

After a thorough investigation by Singapore Food Agency, it was deemed that stall had not violated any food safety requirements. It seemed that Tan had jumped the gun in accusing the store by mistaking dried cuttlefish for a cockroach.

Unfortunately, the accusations have left the stall owner disheartened and has since closed down her shop despite not being at fault.

Even when you work right, you get screwed by fools.

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