Why would you name a stadium Ffira Mikah?

A mini-stadium in Padang Terap that was to be named to ‘Ffira Mikah‘, was called out by the public as it was the inverted spelling of Padang Terap District Officer Hakim Ariff Md Noor’s name.

Due to the controversy, the Kedah state government has since stopped the renaming process.

Amidst the scene, Hakim Ariff has denied that it was an act to rename the stadium after him and that it was purely coincidental. He even attempts to prove his point by pointing out that ‘In Spanish or Greek, ‘Ffira’ means something great, while ‘Mikah’ is the name of an angel in Arabic‘.

…except you know, it wasn’t.

Neither Spanish or Greek has the word Ffira. Even if they do, it sure as hell doesn’t mean great.

In fact, I think the word only has one meaning…BULLSHIT.

Ffira Mikah

As for the other part (Mikah), that’s also another lie. The angel he’s referring to? He’s not called Mikah…EVER. As any Muslim would know, it’s Mikael (or some other variation). NOBODY refers to him as Micah. If you’re wondering, in Christianity, he would be the angel Micheal.

I don’t know why the stadium is named in such a way (though bribery is certainly possible) but it’s pretty clear to anybody with any sense that it’s named after Ffira Mikah…sorry, I mean Ariff Hakim.

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