Why You Should ONLY Use the SingapoRediscovers Vouchers for Staycations.

Soon, nearly everybody in Singapore will be receiving the $100 SingapoRediscovers Vouchers. After that, pretty much everybody will be rushing to redeem them, whether it be for staycations, experiences or tours.

I heartily recommend only using them for staycations. There ae a ton of hotels to suit every budget, and you can find a complete list of them here.

Why you ask?

The answer’s simple; COVID-19.

This bugger.

It’s a simple fact. COVID-19 is still not eradicated here in SG. Two cases over the weekend of community transmission; the Tampines Seoul Garden cluster and then the Tekka Market discoveries.

That’s only the known ones. Remember, those are the two discovered cases. There are undoubtedly more that go undiscovered. How else would you explain the new infections then?

Somewhere out there, COVID-19 is still spreading.

Nearly everywhere!

Somebody with COVID-19 might be asymptomatic, or write their sickness off as nothing more than the flu. Through laziness (or fear of escalating their situation), they might just stay at home and just keep on living their life as if they are healthy.

Now, with the $100 vouchers soon to be in play, how many of these carriers might come out and expose themselves to the people (unwittingly)? Your chances of getting infected increases with more people around.

That’s why you should avoid crowds, especially those in soon to be popular attractions like the Zoo or the Bird Park.

The safe bet?

Use the SingapoRediscovers voucher money and book yourself a nice hotel room and stay in there for the duration. Minimize your exposure to other people, while still enjoying a nice break away from home. Soak in a tub or order room service! You don’t have to be in a crowded location to enjoy the voucher!

The Grand Hyatt Singapore’s one of the places I really recommend.

Stay home (or in this case, a hotel) and stay safe!

Remember, we’re in the home stretch! Just a few more months and the vaccine will be here! Then everybody can go back to travelling and the life we were all used to.

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