Man in wheelchair allegedly mistreated by Tangs Security Guard.

It’s hard enough for someone to be in a wheelchair; we don’t need to make it more difficult by giving them a hard time. Unfortunately, that was the case for one individual on November 22.

In the hopes of doing some window shopping, the man had made his way to Tangs Plaza. A first, he felt like that the salesperson was not keen on helping and had called upon a security guard for assistance. And if that wasn’t already horrible enough, the man claims that the guard told him not to be a disturbance and to go away. 

After such that awful experience, the man chose to voice it out on social media but did not want any retribution for it. 

After the situation went viral, a Tangs’ spokesperson contacted the man to clarify the incident and seemingly called it a misunderstanding. Since then, the man has confirmed that the situation was resolved but has provided no details from his end.

You check out his Facebook post regarding the incident, by clicking here.

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