Dave Chappelle Wants YOU to Boycott Chappelle’s Show.

Everybody loves Dave Chappelle right? Almost everybody’s been touched in some way (whether through memes or catchphrases or even videos) by Chappelle’s Show (which is literally called Chapelle’s Show).

Thing is…Dave Chapelle isn’t happy with that. Or rather, he’s not happy with the Chappelle’s Show situation.

Back in the day, Dave quit in the middle of the show’s run due to certain issues, chief among them being his personal life and creative issues. Due to a clause in his contract, his quitting mean he won’t ever get paid royalties for his work on the show.

That’s where the hurt is. Dave believes it’s wrong that the show is making money for the producers but he’s not getting a cut. Right or wrong, that’s Dave’s point of view.

He lays it all out on his Instagram ‘Unforgiven’ video, which I’ve embedded above. Have a watch, listen to his reasons and make up your own mind on whether he’s right or just butthurt.

No matter what he thinks though, the bottom line is still the same. Chappell’s Show rocks and if you’ve never watched it, you owe it to yourself to track episodes of the show down.

The Charlie Murphy sketches, the Player Hater’s Ball, the Black KKKlansman…all of them pure comedy gold!

Watch a couple of the clips and tell me you didn’t laugh!

Yeah, Chappelle’s Show is comedy genius thanks to great sketches, hilarious situations and awesome actors.

It’s just a damn shame that this feud of Dave with the show will probably keep carrying for a loooooooooooooong time, which’ll make it harder for newcomers to enjoy his comedy. Hell, I just watched a few episodes of it streaming on Netflix US and was hoping that the company would be bringing it over to the local version.

Looks like that’s out of the question, since they listened to Dave and pulled the show from the service,


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