The Soundtrack from Solo is Getting a Vinyl Release.

Star Wars movies range from the great (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Rogue One), to the average (the Prequel Trilogy, Return of the Jedi) and finally…to the utter crap (the Sequel Trilogy). Wait…Solo isn’t on that list you say!

Aye, that’s because it’s on a totally unique level of crap…or shite if you want be Scottish about it.

The only good thing about the movie is the soundtrack, which is great because that’s what this post is about.

John William’s new Solo theme will be included, complimenting John Powell’s already (surprisingly) great original score.

Here’s the full music list if you’re interested.

Disc One

Side One
1. The Adventures of Han
Music Composed and Conducted by John Williams
2. Meet Han
3. Corellia Chase
4. Spaceport
5. Flying with Chewie

Side Two
1. Train Heist
2. Marauders Arrive
3. Chicken in the Pot
4. Is This Seat Taken?
5. L3 & Millennium Falcon
6. Lando’s Closet

Disc Two

Side One
1. Mine Mission
2. Break Out
3. The Good Guy
4. Reminiscence Therapy

Side Two
1. Into the Maw
2. Savareen Stand-Off
3. Good Thing You Were Listening
4. Testing Allegiance
5. Dice & Roll

The vinyl will be coming to the Mondo Shop, with pre-orders opening on December 2. It’ll go for US$35, which isn’t that bad considering it comes with exclusive art and is exclusive to the Mondo shop.

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