A mum needs $3.1Mil to prevent her child, Rayyan, from suffering lifelong paralysis.

Parents will do anything they can for their kids, and that’s what Ms Nurdiana is doing for her 13 months old child, Rayyan Qush.

Rayyan is a typical cheerful boy that unfortunately suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Despite being born healthy, Rayyan started showing abnormalities such as not being able to lift his arms nor head after seven months.

Concerned, Ms Nurdiana did everything she could to find out what was the problem with medical appointments and tests. After a turbulent experience, her child was diagnosed with SMA.

SMA causes muscles to weaken over time and may generally lead to paralysis or even death in some cases. To prevent it, Rayyan has to undergo an expensive gene therapy called Zolgensma, and it has to be done before he turns two years old for it to be effective.

And so, Ms Nurdiana is doing everything she can to obtain the necessary funds to help out her child. The treatment costs $3.1 million, while Rayyan has only 11 months before he turns to two.

It’s a big challenge for the family but not an impossible one if all of us could help out in any way we can. For more information on how you can help by contributing, please click here.

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