It’s Time to Choose Your Arts NMP Candidate (2020)!

2020 has been an intriguing year of massive changes to the way we live and who we are. However, the year isn’t over just yet, and there’s one important decision left to be made, at least with regards to politics in Singapore. You have to pick an Arts NMP!

Let’s face it, Singapore’s arts industry is abysmal.

Creatives get paid peanuts…that is if they can find work in the field at all. Only a lucky few make a living in the field. That’s definitely not how things should be and these candidates are aiming to fix that.

You can make a difference by supporting a Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) to act as a voice for the Arts. By doing so, you can help to maintain the importance of having an Arts NMP in Parliament that further emphasizes that people do value their creative contributions to the field.

Remember, apathy helps nobody. Change needs effort and even a single vote can determine a lot.

The online signatory campaign is currently live now and will stay open until 11.59 pm on TONIGHT.

It’s in all of our best interests to vote, so do it by visiting the site¬†here.¬†

Before you start voting, we’ve compiled a handy summary of the candidates and what they stand for. You can find their complete statements here if you’re interested in reading it all.

An overview of the NMP Candidates.

George LeongFacebook Page.

George Leong is someone who has devoted himself to music in all aspects. Educated in music and digital media arts, Leong excels not only as a music producer, arranger, and composer but in the international Chinese music scene as well.

Apart from being a founding director of SingPop Music Limited, Leong actively supports freelance Arts instructors and engages in the labour movement as an exco-member of NICA.

Leong’s interest in being a candidate stems from his passion and support for musicians to have a long-lasting career. He hopes to use his enthusiasm to propel forward in ensuring that fair and transparent funding is provided for the Arts and for it to be recognized as a cultural and marketable capital.

As an Arts NMP, he wants to tackle the issue of 1) raising the profile of Self-Employed Arts Professionals as a substantive and significant part of the industry, with access to professional development and career advances, 2) enacting legislation to enhance the creative rights of artists.

Audrey Lim – Facebook Page.

Audrey Lim is someone who has explored every nook and cranny of the entertainment industry. She was a radio DJ, acted on stage and screen, moderated panels and even managed a Singapore band and turned it into a Singapore brand! And these are just a couple of things that Audrey has invested her time into over the last decade.

In March, Audrey took upon herself to help the music ecosystem through researches and surveys that targeted the music community as a whole and presented her findings to the former MCCY Minister.

As one of the administrators and moderators of the SG Covid-19 Creative/Cultural Professionals & Freelancers Support Group, Audrey continues to listen to the concerns of the wider creative community actively.

Now she wishes to move up the chain of command to reach a wider audience directly and effectively. By doing so, Audrey hopes to bridge the gap between creative freelancers and policymakers.

Nabilah SaidFacebook Page.

Nabilah Said is someone who has cemented herself in the art of writing as a playwright, editor, arts writer and poet. She is currently tackling the job of being an editor of ArtsEquator that covers Arts, in both Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Nabilah hopes to use her professional background as a way to listen closely to the concerns of the community and then mirroring it back as urgent issues on a national stage. Her primary goal is to help rebuild this industry as it comes out of the pandemic with continued communication on the fundamental values of arts.

Given her position as a Malay woman and an artist, Nabilah hopes as an Arts NMP she can speak up and fight for a more equal and compassionate society for minority communities.

Terence Tan – Facebook Page.

Terence Tan believes in the idea of staying in touch with our humanity through any form of Arts. As an artist, Terence has spent the last decade on community development-based work in Singapore and as well as staging transnational productions with ASEAN.

Terrence is hoping that by stepping up as an Arts NMP, he can help to remind Parliament of the importance of Arts. And by doing so, enabling him to work closely with them on securing the needs and goals of the creative communities.

According to Terrence, this nomination represents the right of our democratic way. He also assures that he will do his part in preserving the kampung heritage as well as among social efforts.

Wait…wasn’t there supposed to be another?

Yup, Benjamin Matchap, but he dropped out earlier today.

Here’s his statement from his Facebook page.

Choose Wisely.

Now that you know all four candidates and what they stand for, it’s time to make your voice heard by voting. Remember, choose wisely!

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