Five Things I hate about Singles’ Day Sales.

Apart from the transparent jab at being Single every year, Singles’ Day Sales is a great way to get amazing deals on anything that you may or may not need. However, as much as we love these kinds of sales, we also tend to hate them a lot.

Here are five reasons why:

1. Too many stuffs on Singles’ Day sales.

Before a Singles’ Day sale comes, we usually start planning on the things to get. It’s a pretty simple concept of buying what you need, but it never goes that way does it? The moment you look through the sales, you start to get overwhelmed and confused as to what you need and want. Sometimes there are just too many things on sale for you to spend your precious time scrolling through.

2. Too many places to keep track of.

As Singaporeans, bargaining is what we do no matter what generation you’re from. Thus, comparing prices to get the best deal out of something is not uncommon during a major sale, but what happens when the item you’re eyeing for happens to be sold everywhere? The amount of time and effort it takes to compare all the sites will test your patience, especially when the differences in pricing are so little!

3. Lack of cash to get what you want.

One of the biggest hurdles of Singles’ Day sales is the constant reminder of your bank balance running at the back of your head. It’s easier to say you want this and that during a sale by adding it to the cart, but it’s another story altogether at the checkout section when reality slaps you in the face with its total billing price. That’s when you find yourself reevaluating what you’re buying, and in turn, becomes a frustrating process since most of the time you have to give up the stuff you want to get.

4. Unsure of making a purchase or skipping it.

Deals don’t last forever, so you need to make an informed decision with the amount of time you’re given. This annoyance becomes a lot more difficult to handle, especially when it’s a Singles’ Day sale. For example, let’s say you’re keen on buying a brand new TV during a Singles’ Day sale but soon realize that Black Friday sales are just around the corner? So do you wait for Black Friday while not knowing if the offer will be the same? Or do you go all-in on the available sale on Single’s Day as to not miss it? Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

5. Buying stuffs that you don’t need on Singles’ Day sales.

Lastly buying things that you don’t need or want, that doesn’t even make any sense. Let’s be honest; all of us can relate to this particular point. Sometimes we tend to get overwhelmed by Single’s Day sale and make stupid decisions without thinking things through. I’ve gone through this personally during a Black Friday sale when I burnt close to 500 bucks on figures that I did not need. The regret still lives within me, till this day.

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