A grim discovery under a bridge at Kallang Bahru.

Nothing can be hidden forever, it’s the law of the world, and it was proven once again on November 9. 

By happenstance or fate, a migrant worker on the day came across some bones under a bridge, which led him to uncover more of it buried. 

According to the report by Lianhe Wanbaothe individual immediately alerted the authorities after suspecting that the remains could have been from a human. 

After arriving on the scene, a large Police force did an extensive search of the area and combed through the path along the Kallang River till around 9 pm.

The following day around noon on November 10, the Police returned to the scene to continue their investigation.

According to a query by Mothership, as of now, the Police have confirmed that the remains are human and that preliminary investigations suspect no foul play was involved.

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