Suspect shot by a police officer in a raid at Balestier Road.

On November 5, yesterday, a raid was conducted by the Police to investigate a string of scams, that led to a suspect getting shot in the abdomen.

In an extensive plan of scams, seven suspects have been allegedly caught in connection to using victims’ particulars to buy and resell new mobile phones from a telco. These scams have reportedly affected the telco with a massive loss in revenue of S$43,000 and seven victims with unauthorised mobile phone subscription via credit cards.

Breakdown of the incident:

  • The raid took place in a house at Balestier Road, and there were four suspects in the unit when three officers entered at 1 am.
  • The first male suspect, aged 36-year-old jumped one of the officers on the scene, which caused the officer to fall.
  • The suspect then subsequently attacked the downed officer, causing injuries to his face.
  • A second officer warned the first suspect to refrain from the assault, but the assailant did not comply.
  • A second male suspect, aged 22-year-old, then began his approach to the downed officer.
  • The second officer assessed that the second suspect could join in the attack against the first officer.
  • The second officer then immediately drew his revolver out and warned the first suspect to stop the assault, but the assailant still chose not to comply.
  • The first suspect then turned his attention to the second officer and tried to snatch the revolver.
  • Thus, for his safety, the officer discharged a single round at the first suspect during the brawl.
  • This did not refrain the first suspect from continuing the conflict with the second officer.
  • Both suspects were subsequently subdued by backup officers who arrived at the scene later on.
  • The first officer bore wounds to his face and arm while the second officer sustained injuries to his hands and lips.
  • The wounded suspect was attended to by the paramedics and was then taken to the hospital while conscious.

The Police have confirmed that the wounded suspect is now in stable condition. Both suspects have since been under arrest for deliberately causing hurt to hinder a public servant from his duty, cheating offences and suspected drug consumption.

For more information on this incident, you can check the original article from Today Online by clicking here.The Police have stated that he is currently in stable condition.

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