Miles Morales goes fully animated with a new suit!

If you have pre-ordered your copy of the game, then you would have known that gamers will be getting their hands on two spidey suits earlier on in the game. These suits are not exclusive, and you can eventually get them by playing the game.

The first being the T.R.A.C.K. suit that got revealed back in September. Designed by Marvel artist Javier GarrĂ³n exclusively for the game, it bears some similarities to the original outfit with a striking white overlay. However, as much as I love the idea and aesthetic of this suit, we all know that the second outfit is the man of the hour.

On October 30, In the Spider-Verse Suit was revealed in a tweet to be the second outfit for the pre-order. If that wasn’t mindblowing enough, a trailer giving us a better look of the suit in action also got revealed to seal the deal.

Miles Morales utilizing the In the Spider-Verse Suit is distinctively unique from the rest and stands out like a movie brought to life. The slower frame rate, the animated design and comic styled cartoon balloons bring everything perfectly together. 

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After being enthralled by the In the Spider-Verse Suit for Miles Morales, one has to wonder if Insomniac will also do the same for Peter Parker? I hope they do because swinging around with sweatpants and a jacket is going to be wholesome!

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