PS5 Media Preview Event in Singapore.

Sony’s next-generation console, the PlayStation 5 (PS5), is almost here with less than a month to go on the clock. Most reviewers around the world have already gotten their hands on it and are already having a blast playing.

As for me, my pre-order for the PS5 console got ruined by scalpers, and so all I can do is to wait patiently for the next batch to arrive. However, the fates had other plans in mind.

On the 27 and 28 October, a PlayStation 5 preview event was held in Singapore for media representatives to try out the console and we got invited to it!

The massive PS5 console!

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We’ve known for quite some time that the PS5 console was going to be larger than previous iterations but seeing it in person is a whole other experience. Pictures don’t even do justice to how big it is and beautiful it looks. I was even tempted to touch and feel the texture of it at one point, but we weren’t allowed to do so; probably to avoid any mishaps.

We were then shuffled off into a room to try out the console with some game demos. The first game that we tested out was Sackboy: A Big Adventure and damn it looked so good. The gameplay experience was so fluid, and the overall graphics were on point. One of the things that impressed me the most was how fast the game booted and as well as how quick the stages loaded. All I had to do was click on my selection, and I’d be in it almost instantly!

The second game we got to test out was Balan Wonderworld. Compared to Sackboy, this game had tons of more colours that are being tackled by the console. The game world is essentially a sphere; so when you move your character around, things in the background starts to come into full view. You begin to appreciate how powerful the console truly is for it to be capable of working with moving assets in an instant without any flaws in execution.

The all-new PS5 dual sense controller!

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Right off the bat, I felt at ease with the PS5 controller because of how similar it felt in my hands. The things that immediately stood out was the smooth feeling of the textured grips and the extra oomph of the adaptive triggers on the back. To try out everything that it had to offer, we were introduced to Astro’s Playroom game demo.

As we began playing, we started to feel the haptic feedback getting simulated from the game through the controller. Although it took me a while to sense it, you begin to appreciate the little details that make the gaming experience all the more immersive. Like moving on an iced floor is significantly smoother than compared to walking across an uneven sandy beach.

The adaptive triggers are probably the best thing that I love about the PS5 DualSense controller. These triggers essentially adapt to specific objects differently and give you a better sense of how it would be if you held them physically.

For example, in the game, you can test this out by using a machine gun that shoots balls, and the triggers will adapt accordingly by giving you a sense of recoil of the weapon. We also tried it out with a bow in-game, and you immediately feel the resistance getting generated that comes with drawing a bowstring.

Final Thoughts.

I honestly had a blast with trying out the new console and controller! With this newfound knowledge, I wonder how the new Spider-Man game will be like with adaptive triggers, as you swing around and shoot off webs. However, if there was one thing that bothered me in my playthrough, it was probably how powerful the vibration feedback of the PS5 dual sense was. Hopefully, that’s adjustable to cater to different users because I’m honestly good with little vibration as possible.

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