Cyberpunk 2077 gets delayed to December 10.

If you’re one of those people who had initially planned to tackle Cyberpunk 2077 by freeing up the entire week during the launch period, then I’m sorry to say that you’re going to have to cancel those. The game has officially gotten delayed by twenty-one days and has moved on to the next month.

The information came about from a post from the game’s official Twitter account earlier today, that stated that the new release date was to be December 10. The post goes on to explain that despite the game achieving Gold Master, meaning that it was already completed and was ready for distribution, there are improvements to be made to increase the quality of Cyberpunk 2077 through patches.

As much as I as appreciate the developers for wanting to give us the best version of the game, I can’t help but feel torn about this. Part of me is glad that the level of work going into making the game is remarkable. However, another part of me is concerned that all of these delays are just continuously raising the bar of expectations for gamers. And if those expectations are not, it’s going to be disappointing.

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