Sekiro Game Of The Year Edition is almost here.

On October 28, players will be getting a free update that offers new challenge modes, skins and a recording mode to showcase your talents off to other players. Given that the Sekiro literally did win the title of Game of the Year, it’s about time it received some quality updates.

The update will introduce two challenge modes that will focus on battling bosses. Reflection of Strength is a mode that allows you to fight against any bosses from the game again without forcing you to replay it entirely. I’m probably going to stick to fighting the easier ones first because I’m certainly not ready to rage out by fighting The Demon of Hatred, just yet.

Gauntlet of Strength is the mode for all those hardcore players out there. The challenge is to do battle against waves of bosses without dying. I know it sounds somewhat impossible, but some people are so experienced in Sekiro that it won’t be a surprise to see a no-damage run in this mode down the line, especially from this YouTuber called Ongbal.

Honestly, I can’t wait to get back into Sekiro and see if I can still tackle the bosses. There is a high chance that I’m going to have to relearn all of the parryings again.

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