Watch out for golf balls at Changi Jurassic Mile.

What started as an enjoyable family outing, turned out to be an eye-opener to the lack of safety measures.

Yesterday on October 22nd, Derek Yap had decided to bring his family and their helper to the newly opened Changi Jurassic Mile. Everything was going fine until the helper was unfortunately hit by a gold ball that came soaring from Tanah Merah Country Club.

Thanks to the prompt support of Certis Cisco officers, an ambulance was activated to provide medical assistance to the victim who has now been confirmed to have a head injury with bruising.

Derek Yap also stated that a Changi Aiport Group’s Arrival Experience manager did mention that the likelihood of stray golf balls hitting the public was brought up at one point. However, they were assured by Tanah Merah Country Club that it was not a possibility. Well, they were certainly wrong and hopefully something is done quickly to avoid further incidents.

For more information on the incident, you can check Derek Yap’s full Facebook post by clicking here.

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