Even when Trump is ill, he’s a problem.

Last Friday, the world received news of Trump and his wife contracting the Covid-19 virus. Many had hoped that this would broaden his view on how severe the pandemic truly is. As it turns out, Trump did learn more about Covid-19 and even admitted it, and yet somehow still went on about it wrongly.

After releasing a video on Twitter and when we thought Trump had learnt his lesson, he goes on to do this. Riding in a motorcade, with two other passengers in the front seats, the US President took a short trip to wave at his supporters who had been crowding and wishing him a quick recovery.

So unlike the rest of us, the President of the United States doesn’t need to quarantine. And he can also lead others to their deaths by having them tag along with him, just for his political theatrics? Unbelievable.

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