Three Samaritans helped a lady and her son to change their burst tyre in the rain.

It’s not a great day for anyone to experience their tyre bursting along the way back home, especially at night. It’s even worse when it’s raining as heavy as it can while your insurer is unhelpful. And that’s what one woman, Loh Wai Peng, and her son had to endure on the Seletar Expressway, near midnight on September 26.

Thankfully, the horrible ordeal took a turn for the better when three young men approached to assist her in changing the tyre for her vehicle, as she did not know how to do it herself. The men, who also just experienced the same issue with their car, had decided to assist those who were in similar situations.

Unfortunately, Loh did not get the names of these Samaritans and decided to share the incident on her Facebook page while thanking them once again.

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